indigoLife™ Women's Empowerment & Cultural Expo 2022 - The Virtual Edition









The Empowerment Call

Join us at our virtual ediition of our 8th Annual  empowerment event, designed to help grow the inclusive community of women empowered with sustainable approaches toward building relationships, managing resources, and developing compelling personas. Come and witness the practice of living indigoLife™—the quality of life that results from positive character and leads to prosperity and good will.

Our Perspective

Renown cultural sociologist, Dr. Deryl G. Hunt, once said, “It’s not the problem that counts; it’s the solution.” Imagine if we, as women, were to define ourselves, not based on problems or challenges we face, but rather see ourselves through overcomer’s eyes. Then we could behold our vast potential and begin to experience a resurgence of personal, social, & economic empowerment, the promise of what we call indigoLife™

Why indigoLife™?

indigoLife™ relates to the symbolic meaning of the color ‘indigo’. On the color wheel, indigo is between royal blue and purple, and is often associated with royalty. This fits well with our desire that all women should: a) express regal and royal excellence; b) pursue a quality of life rooted in positive character; and c) radiate personal prosperity and goodwill at home, in community, and in the marketplace.

What to Expect?

For three (3) days, participants get to enjoy dynamic speakers, thought-provoking panel discussions, and interactive power tool sessions. The presentations surround topics of women and their health, women as entrepreneurs, women as community builders, women and their wealth, and women and their personal image. Participants also get to enjoy great entertainment, fun, and games, and chances to win amazing door prizes.